The Pizza Compiler

Current version 1.1 (January 3, 2002)

The Pizza language is an extension to Java with three new features:
- Generics (aka Parametric polymorphism)
- Function pointers (aka First-class functions)
- Class cases and pattern matching (aka Algebraic types)
Furthermore you can use the Pizza compiler embedded into other applications.
News   Pizza now supports Java 1.4 assert, Java 1.2 strictfp and can compile against Java 1.4 class files. These features are available since release 1.1.
Documentation   The documentation is a bit outdated right now. But you might find what you want to know.
  Here you will find all releases of the Pizza compiler project.
CVS / Latest Source   Get the latest Pizza compiler source and get involved!
Mailing Lists   The Pizza compiler project communitcates through mailing lists. Browse the archives or subscribe yourself.
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The Pizza compiler's project site   The entry point to Sourceforge's numerous Open Source support tools for the Pizza compiler project
Generic Java (GJ)
  The Pizza compiler's daughter (the GJ compiler) made it! Its Generics are under consideration to become part of the official Sun Microsystem's Java language specification.

The Pizza project is hosted by Sourceforge