The Pizza Compiler

The Pizza language is an extension to Java with three new features:
- Generics (aka Parametric polymorphism)
- Function pointers (aka First-class functions)
- Class cases and pattern matching (aka Algebraic types)

Pizza documentation




Quickstart   What do you need to write a Pizza program? Follow the few steps in our quickstart manual and get going.
Tutorial   Get a quickstart in programming Pizza. The tutrial shows all features the Pizza language adds to Java.
Pizza API   Pizza comes with additions to the Java API. Read here what methods Pizza's List class has.
Examples in Pizza   See how Pizza improves expressiveness in small example programs.
Pizzadoc   Just like Javadoc you can use Pizzadoc to auto-generate html-pages from source files for documentation purposes.
Papers on Pizza   The Pizza language derives from academic research. Read what its creators have to say.
  Do you wonder about Pizza? Look here to find an answer.