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public abstract class net.sf.pizzacompiler.util.Dictionary<A, B>

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   +----net.sf.pizzacompiler.util.Dictionary<A, B>

The pure class interface.
public abstract class Dictionary<A, B>
Copyright (C) 1996-2001 Martin Odersky. This software is distributed under the Artistic License. See artistic.html or artistic.txt which came with this distribution.

Constuctor Index

O Dictionary()


O elements()
O get(A)
O isEmpty()
O keys()
O put(A, B)
O remove(A)
O size()


O Dictionary
public Dictionary();


O size
public abstract int size();

O isEmpty

public abstract boolean isEmpty();

O keys

public abstract Enumeration<A> keys();

O elements

public abstract Enumeration<B> elements();

O get

public abstract B get(A key);

O put

public abstract B put(A key,
                      B value);

O remove

public abstract B remove(A key);

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