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pure interface of class net.sf.pizzacompiler.util.Enumerator<A>

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public abstract class Enumerator<A>
  implements Enumeration<A>
    public abstract boolean hasMoreElements();
    public abstract A nextElement();
    public Enumerator<A> concat(Enumerator<A> rest);
    public <B> Enumerator<B> map((A) -> B f);
    public Enumerator<A> takeWhile((A) -> boolean p);
    public Enumerator<A> dropWhile((A) -> boolean p);
    public Enumerator<A> filter((A) -> boolean p);
    public <B> void forall((A) -> B f);
    public <B> B reduceLeft(B z,
                            (B, A) -> B f);
    public <B> B reduceRight((A, B) -> B f,
                             B z);
    public Enumerator();

[all packages] [package net.sf.pizzacompiler.util] [class hierarchy] [index]